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Tips for taking a Toddler Abroad

Here is a list of what we learned when we took our 16 month old Harry to Mallorca a few weeks ago:

  1. It will not be anything like the holidays you were used to before you had a baby.
  2. Packing will take forever, as you try to plan for every toddler based scenario that could occur.
  3. The journey will be a military operation – snacks, new toys they have never seen, TV programmes loaded onto the tablet. You will need it all.
  4. It will be so exciting for them, and special for you, as you show them a brand new place and settle into your new temporary surroundings.
  5. Everything will seem renewed and more interesting as you see it through your child’s eyes – the sea, the pool, the weather, the food.toddler at the beach
  6. The amount of sun cream they have to wear turns them white and greasy and everything sticks to it.
  7. The beach will become fun again, and not just a place to sunbathe anymore. Now it’s sandcastles, rock pools and splashing at the waters edge!
  8. You will buy copious amounts of cheap plastic toys for the beach and pool and end up playing with them just as much as your toddler.
  9. You will spend  A  LOT of time running after your toddler trying to stop them jumping in the pool/eating sand/falling over/stealing other kids toys/generally causing themselves an injury.
  10. Getting ready for dinner will be done as quickly as possible and  will be facilitated by snacks and Spanish Peppa Pig and Octonauts.toddler at the beach
  11. Meals are no longer relaxing and slow paced. Your main priority will be getting your toddler to ‘sit nicely’ and eat something other than chips.
  12. Your lightweight, handy buggy will be worth its weight in gold – and will serve as a cart horse for transporting your toddler, and all of your stuff around. Not forgetting beach and pool naps!
  13. Speaking of naps – the toddler will nap more due to staying up later at night. We got 2 long naps a day, and this was mummy and daddy RELAXATION time.
  14. During said relaxation time, you will get glimmers of pre baby life as you lounge on your sunbed with a cold drink in hand, reading a chick lit novel. But time is quickly up as your toddler starts to stir!taking your toddler abroad
  15. You will get talking to every other family with young children, and it will be great. Everyone is in the same boat and there is a real sense of unity and pride when your children are being funny or playing together.
  16. Your toddler (well, our toddler) will LOVE the kids entertainment. It was the highlight of his (and probably our) day. He danced, he ran around, he stood mesmerized at the show they put on every night. It was brilliant.
  17. You will spend so much precious family time away from all the stresses of daily life. No work, no house work, no daily grind – just lots and lots of quality time, perfect.
  18. You will feel so proud that you made it through the baby stage and are now a fully functioning family – who made it on holiday!
  19. Getting home is a bit crap; there’s the travelling part again, so much bloody washing to sort, and back to rainy UK weather. But there’s always next year.
  20. It definitely won’t be like the holidays you were used to before you had a baby; it will be better!

Love, Laurel


A weekend away was just what we needed

I’ve been back at work for four months now, and sometimes the daily grind of trying to ‘do it all’ takes its toll. It’s a mad rush in the mornings, and a mad rush to get home to Harry at the end of the day! Then its dinner, bath, books and bed – which can sometimes be unpredictable! By the time we have done it all, and sorted the house out, not to mention everything for the next day, we are done in!

Sometimes you just need to get away, clear your head and slow down a bit. So last weekend’s trip away was just what we needed.

We headed off on Saturday morning to the north coast of Northern Ireland where we spent three perfect days. The weather was a bit up and down but Harry had the absolute time of his life! He was in great form and really loves being in our caravan – it’s the simple things haha! He wasn’t interested in the bag of toys we brought from home; instead favouring the ancient caravan board games and a big tub of crayons which might have actually been mine from years ago.

We took Harry to the beach and he loved crawling around and playing in the sand. He loved the texture and digging his little hands in to it. Kept him amused for ages! We also took him to an amusement/fairground type place; the famous ‘Barrys’, and he loved it there too. We fed the ducks, went to the park and had a picnic too.




In the late afternoon and evenings we played, napped (amazing) and had dinner. Harry slept well and ate well and generally thoroughly enjoyed himself!

Ballycastle is just over an hour from home, but just getting away for 3 days to somewhere quiet, beautiful and simple, with a slower pace of life and not a lot on the agenda, was absolutely perfect!

I don’t think we have relaxed so much since before Harry was born!

Love, Laurel

A sunny day in Carlingford, County Louth

On Saturday, two of my friends and I had made an impromptu road trip to Carlingford in County Louth, and for the first time all week it was nice and sunny! I had never been to Carlingford before, and it was a great day to go as there were a few events on.

Carlingford County Louth Ireland

My friend’s aunts were holding a ‘Vintage Bazaar’ in the town centre with lots of stalls selling lovely vintage and antique items. We had a great time browsing around for ages before making a few purchases.

Carlingford County Louth Ireland

Carlingford County Louth Ireland

The oyster festival was also on and although we didn’t try any oysters we loved the atmosphere of the town, which was full of locals and tourists, and even a little man playing the spoons on his lap!


Carlingford County Louth Ireland

Man playing the spoons

We also walked along Carlingford Lough, where there were a few more craft and food stalls, and nice little shops. We got some ice creams and sat in the sun before heading back to Belfast.

Carlingford County Louth Ireland

Carlingford County Louth Ireland

It was a lovely Saturday out and I’d like to visit Carlingford again sometime, and maybe stay the night so I could have a pint of Guinness or two!

Love, Laurel

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