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Five Latest Loves #7 – GBBO, Make Up and Flip Flops included!

Summer is drawing to a close and there is a definite chill in the air. I am hoping for a hot September though – that would make up for a below par August we have just had. Although I love summer, Autumn does have it’s benefits, and I am quite looking forward to cosy nights in and the start of X Factor! I still love it!

Here’s my Five Latest Loves for this week!

The Great British Bake Off

Not very original I know. Like millions of others, I have watched every series of Bake Off and always look forward to it coming back on. Wednesday night’s episode was surprisingly dramatic, and the only Northern Irish contestant was sent home under controversial circumstances! I personally felt a bit sorry for Iain but when I checked it out on Twitter, Sue Perkins had commented that the show had been edited slightly to make it appear that Iain’s ice cream was out of the freezer for ages, when in fact it was about 40 seconds. Good TV though. I think I want Richard to win, but I do love Norman!

Great British Bake Off

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

I have been using this brush for a few days now to apply my foundation, and so far I love it! It’s a really firm and dense brush and is excellent for blending cream or liquid foundation evenly. I am a big fan and am glad I have made the switch from sponge to brush. I also love the Real Techniques Blush Brush – such good quality and brilliant for building up colour and blending.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

iPANEMA Flip Flops

I was kindly sent these lovely white flip flops by iPANEMA in Beach White last week. Unfortunately the weather here in Northern Ireland hasn’t been the greatest for the past few weeks, and I don’t have any more holidays abroad planned, so instead I have been wearing these incredibly comfortable flip flops around the house, as it’s still not quite cold enough for slippers! They are so soft and spongy to wear and sort of mould to my feet when I put them on. They seem really durable so will I will definitely be bringing them on my next beach holiday! iPANEMA currently have a great range to choose from if you fancy checking it out! Size wise I got a size bigger than normal as I always find flip flops slightly smaller than other shoes. Mine are a size 5.

iPANEMA Flip Flops

Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara

This isn’t really a latest love, as I’ve used it for years, but when my last tube ran out I bought a different brand, and it just didn’t match up. So I’m back on this excellent product from Max Factor in Brown/Black. It lengthens and thickens my lashes and NEVER clumps no matter how much I apply. It is honestly the best mascara I have ever used. Highly recommended!

Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara

Family get-togethers

I am spending this weekend in Ballycastle (again) with my extended family to celebrate my Uncle’s 50th Birthday. I love it when we all get together and really enjoy catching up with everyone. There is always loads of food so I’m looking forward to that too!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Love, Laurel

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Five Latest Loves #6 – BBQs, child geniuses and a nostalgic smell…

Hello! Hope you are having a good week so far. The summer is really flying in, I can’t believe it’s August in a few days.  Without further ado, here’s my Five Latest Loves this week!

Barbecuing with Friends

Last Friday I went to a friend’s barbecue and had a great night! Our friends had set up a sunbathing area, homemade brick barbecue and homemade fire pit, and I kept saying over and over just how impressed I was! There was also loads of delicious food and I think we did well in polishing most of it off. It was a lovely, relaxing night and the perfect end to a busy week stuck in work when the weather was gorgeous outside! Thanks for the invite D & G!

Barbecues with friends

OPI Avojuice Mini Body Lotions

I love these little mini hand and body lotions by OPI for traveling. My mum got me a set of six for Christmas and I have three left. They smell so good and the bottles are really compact, which is great for the all important, clear plastic liquids bag required when travelling hand luggage only! I think my mum got them from TK Maxx but they are also available on Amazon. 

OPI Avojuice

Channel 4’s Child Genius

The second series of Child Genius has just started on Channel 4 and I love it. The little kids are really cute but unbelievably smart. It’s interesting to watch the dynamic between the children and their parents and also to see how they interact with each other; and how competitive and hard on themselves some of them are. I can’t imagine having pressure or dedication like that at age 10-12!

Channel 4's Child Genius

Imperial Leather Nourishing Shower Cream – original scent!

Did you/do you ever use the original Imperial Leather Soap? Well this shower gel smells exactly like it and it’s such a nostalgic smell to me! It reminds me of my Granda, who always had this soap in his kitchen and at our caravan. Imperial Leather have updated their packaging recently and added this variety to their range. The formula is lovely to use and is quite strongly scented – which is no bad thing to me when the smell takes me back to my childhood!

Imperial Leather Nourishing Shower Gel Original Scent

Visiting family in England

We are flying over to England today, to spend some time with my husband’s family. We do this at least twice a year, and spend a few days each with my father-in-law and my mother-in-law, and the rest of the family. My husband moved to Northern Ireland quite a few years ago now, and it is so important to regularly visit where he comes from and spend quality time with family and friends. We leave after work for five days, really looking forward to it!

Love, Laurel

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Five Latest Loves #4 – Family, Friends, Food and a friendly, funny face!

It’s July already and summer is now in full swing! I had a lovely weekend spent with friends and family, which was fun and relaxing at the same time. However the sun seems to have disappeared and it’s non stop rain in Belfast today.

Anyway here’s my Five Latest Loves this week!

My little sister’s baking talents!

My younger sister Judith is brilliant at baking, and regularly tries different and quite difficult recipes with great success. Last week she made her own version of this Strawberry and Poppyseed Pie she saw on A Beautiful Mess and look how gorgeous it is! I have to be honest and say I didn’t have any (I’m weird and only like fresh strawberries) but everyone said it tasted lovely.

Strawberry and Poppyseed tart recipe

My little brother’s Graduation

My brother Ronan is 22 and has just graduated with a First from Queens University Belfast. I am so proud of him! We went out as a family for a meal on Friday night, to The 4th Wall in St Anne’s Square. I love occasions like this that bring us all together and make us proud. Well done Ronan! (yes, his hair is blue)

Five Latest Loves Brothers Graduation

Catching up with old friends

On Saturday I met up with a friend from university, Sarah, and we went for daytime drinks at Aether and Echo in Belfast (first visit to this bar – really liked it). We only see each other once or twice a year but every time we do, it never seems like a single day has passed and we always have the best laugh! It’s literally non stop talking and laughing from the moment we meet and I love it! Sarah you are hilarious and we have the best chats.

Five Latest Loves catching up with old friends

Recreating holiday meals at home 

While we were in Rome we ate so much good pasta. It was cooked perfectly and flavoured so well. A few days ago I tried to recreate a version of the Spaghetti with Clams I had in Italy. I didn’t have any clams so I used prawns! It wasn’t the same but it was very tasty and so simple. It was just a mixture of olive oil, garlic, chilli, chopped tomatoes, salt and parsley served with spaghetti cooked al dente and some king prawns. I need to get my hands on some clams though, any ideas?

Five Latest Loves Spaghetti with Prawns recipe

What we come home to every day

Look at that face. She is hilarious. When we pull into the driveway every evening we see Ella’s outline through the frosted glass panel in our front door. and when open it she goes mad with delight at the sight of us, then sits like this waiting for The Pink Ball to be thrown for her. Definitely a good way to perk you up after a hard day!

Happy Bichon Frise dog

Love, Laurel

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