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Harry’s Kingdom of You

A bedtime story, like most toddlers, is crucial to Harry winding down before going to sleep. Recently however, I have noticed him becoming a bit tired of some of his books, or some of them becoming too ‘babyish’ for him. At 2 years 4 months, he can really grasp a story and his imagination is amazing. We were sent a lovely personalised book, ‘Kingdom of You‘ by Wonderbly, and I knew as soon as I received it, Harry would love it for years to come.

Kingdom of You personalised book

We are expecting baby number two, a little girl, in January, so there are lots of changes ahead for our little Harry. I feel like it’s so important right now to use this time to make Harry feel so special whilst also preparing him for becoming a big brother!

Kingdom of You is a beautifully illustrated, extensively personalised book for toddlers aged 2 – 5. It centres around a main character, i.e. your little one, who is fed up of tidying his/her bedroom and is more interested in fun and adventure. Suddenly the ‘laundry genie’ appears from his washing basket and grants Harry 3 wishes. He wishes to be King Harry with his very own kingdom!

Kingdom of You personalised book

I was able to choose two of Harry’s favourite things to base the story on; dinosaurs and ice cream. The illustration is absolutely beautiful and so detailed and personalised. Harry’s name appears continually throughout the book, and the little character I chose has blonde hair just like him. He loved the story and was fascinated by all of the pictures and the fact the book was all about him!

The quality of the book is excellent and the ordering process was very quick and easy and arrived within a week. This book would make a beautiful gift and is a perfect way to make your little boy or girl feel special and involve them in a magical story that will capture their imagination.  You get to see a preview of each page as you place your order and can write a dedication at the end.

I would thoroughly recommend this book as a lovely gift for toddlers. Thank you so much Wonderbly for sending Harry this book and making him feel special!

Love, Laurel

I have a two year old!

Harry turned two a few weeks ago!!! I now have a fully-fledged little toddler who is full of chat and loves an adventure!

two year old boy Harry is doing really great at the moment. We haven’t seen too many signs of terrible twos yet, apart from the odd  spell here and there.

He loves singing and dancing and can sing lots of songs from start to finish in his sweet little voice. It is the cutest thing in the world.

He is getting really into Disney. His current favourite is Moana, but he loves Alice and Wonderland and The Lion King. “Painting the Roses Red” is strangely enough the song he loves best!

Outside is his favourite place to be; we are probably going to spend most of the summer in the garden or out at the park or the beach. He is amused for hours just pottering around the garden, playing in his sandpit, his playhouse or looking for mini beasts. He also loves imaginative play, like pretending he is Peter Rabbit and Daddy is Mr. McGregor. Or playing ‘Humpty Dumpty’ and pretending to fall off the sofa!

two year old update

He is both a mummy’s boy and a daddy’s boy. He loves our dog so much although he does torment her a bit!

He has a great relationship with his grandparents which is so lovely and he is really enjoying nursery now. He tells us about his friends and what he has been doing that day. Such a difference from when he started at 10 months and was so unsettled there. He only goes two days a week but it gives him great social interaction with children his age and they do lots of activities which he really enjoys.

Food wise, he is a pretty good eater. The main thing he is not good at eating, is unsurprisingly, vegetables. He ate them well when he was very small, then when he got to about 1 year old, he would only eat them mixed into things, eg, stew. Now he won’t really eat them at all. Apart from sweetcorn, peas and beans.  So not too bad I suppose. He eats a lot of fruit and is definitely a meat and potatoes fan. But his favourite meals are Spaghetti Bolognese and Chilli!

This year, and fingers crossed it continues, he has been so much healthier. Last year he caught every cold and virus going and had a permanent snotty nose and several courses of anti-biotics. So it’s a huge relief to see that his immune system has strengthened.

little boy and his mum

His speech, is excellent. I really don’t mean to sound big-headed about it. But it really is great. He was slower to hit the more physical milestones, and still takes his time a bit in that area, but when it comes to speech he is just brilliant. We have proper full blown conversations now, and it seems like he knows nearly every word! Which he doesn’t, obviously, but he is just soaking it all up like a sponge and repeating it back when we least expect it.

I am so proud of my little boy, and loving this stage of life. Whilst the baby period was so amazing and special, I truly believe it gets easier as they grow. It’s a combination of Harry gaining independence, being able to have more fun as a family, and the fact we now have two whole years of experience at parenthood. Harry you are our perfect boy.

two year old boy

Love, Laurel

From Baby to Little Boy

I don’t know exactly when it happened, but suddenly my baby boy has become a proper little person! I know that sounds obvious but it’s the only way I can explain it.

21 month old toddler

Harry is 21 months old now. He chats away constantly and can repeat most words we say, but one of the most significant changes happened in the last few weeks – his understanding of emotions and situations.

He says things like ‘what’s wrong?’ and ‘what happened?’ when he sees me rubbing my eyes after a long day or he hears a loud noise. Emotions and feelings have come to his attention, too. ‘Harry tired!’ he exclaims after he yawns and ‘Ella crying’ when he hears our dog crying at the stair gate, wanting upstairs to see us. If he hurts himself he now says ‘Banged my head!’ or ‘Sore!’.

from baby to little boy

Another change is he wants me to play along with him. ‘Come on’ he says and grabs my trouser leg and urges me to come sit inside his tent or make a Lego tower. If I am going about my business he comes over and says ‘What doing?’ which is pretty cute and funny.

toddler puddlesuit beach

All of a sudden he makes decisions, expresses interest in specific things and has his own preferences which he is not afraid to shout about. We must have watched ‘No-man!’ (The Snowman) and ‘No-Dog! (The Snowman and the Snowdog) about fifty times each at Christmas. He loves music and requests songs in the car and to watch on YouTube, which we have to play ”gain! ‘gain!’ over and over!

Harry has become attached to cuddly toys, too. His cot is now full of his little friends and he loves lining them up, calling out their names and giving them hugs. Speaking of hugs, he will give them out to us quite freely now, with the odd kiss, which is lovely.

toddler bubble machine

It’s not always so great though, he now loves the word NO! and shouts ‘no no no no NO!’ at any given opportunity. Sharing is something he is working on, and he has identified hair as something you can pull! We have had a few embarrassing incidents with other children, many more to come I’m sure.  He is eating really well at the moment, but occasionally throws a tantrum at being in his highchair and his bowl ends up thrown on the floor. He is not a fan of the buggy either and will plank when we try to put him in it!

baby mohawk

The point of this post however, is the realisation my little baby is well and truly his own person these days. We are no longer two adults with a baby. We are firmly a family of 3 individuals now (4 if you count Ella, which we do). We are loving seeing Harry’s personality develop and are amazed every day by something new he has learnt. Terrible twos are just around the corner though, let’s hope we are one of the lucky ones!

Love, Laurel

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