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Baby number two coming very soon!

This post is very, very late. I am already 37 weeks pregnant with baby number two! We are expecting a little girl in early January and cannot wait to meet her to ‘complete’ our family. Truthfully, the reason I haven’t posted about this pregnancy is because I have been permanently exhausted! Being pregnant with baby number two is quite a different experience than with number one!

baby number two

Don’t get me wrong, we are so happy to be having another baby, and the fact she is a girl is so lovely. We would have been just as happy with another little boy, but having a daughter will be amazing and is something I’ve always wanted. We feel so lucky that we will have ‘one of each’! Although I do feel so programmed for boys, I almost can’t imagine having a girl yet!

This pregnancy has gone smoothly with no health  issues (fingers crossed) and I am so grateful for that. In saying that, I have found it all quite tough! My morning sickness lasted from week 7 to week 23, which was pretty awful! I’ve had all the usual symptoms on top of that, but thankfully nothing of concern.

I suppose the biggest difference this time around has been the fact that ‘it’s not all about me’ anymore! Having a toddler to look after can be tough going at times, but when you are pregnant, it’s exhausting. Harry is such a great little boy and I am happiest when spending time with him, even when I feel tired and cumbersome. However, squeezing in everything else that goes with being a working mum means you literally have nothing left at the end of the day! That is probably what I have found hardest. There is a certain level of expectation to ‘carry on as normal’, as you have been pregnant before and can handle it but I think this is what makes it so challenging.

Anyway, enough moaning! I feel so fortunate that all is well with baby girl and I am praying it stays that way. I have just started my Maternity Leave and I am hoping I love it just as much as I did the last time.

I am on the home stretch now and am so excited to meet our daughter and take on the challenge of being a mum of two!

Love, Laurel

Mess free painting with Paint Sticks

Do you like painting with your kids but dread the mess it can create? Every time Harry and I ‘get the paints out’ it turns into a complete nightmare to clean up! He does tend to lose interest quite rapidly which often makes me question how worthwhile it is!

I received a brilliant product this week which really solves the mess of painting with young children. ‘Paint Sticks’ from Little Brian are absolutely perfect for painting with toddlers. Convenient, easy to use and quick to set up and pack away, I have found myself getting them out regularly for Harry, without all the fuss that painting normally involves.

Paint Sticks are a bit like glue sticks, but they contain solid colourful paint that you can just twist up and down, and paint straight onto various surfaces. The colours are so vibrant and dry within 60 seconds. They can be mixed together easily and also be blended with water to create ‘wash’ effect artwork.

The selection of colours in the 12 pack is excellent, and they are so strong and bold and really easy to use. Harry loved using them and how easy it was to choose the colour he wanted without having to use brushes or water. He also didn’t have me hovering over him for damage limitation!

mess free painting for toddlers

mess free painting for toddlers

I would describe Paint Sticks as a cross between a crayon and paint.  They come out much bolder than crayons, and dry as the consistency of paint, making them very appealing to toddlers. They are washable and wipe off furniture and wash out of clothing very easily.

I genuinely highly recommend this product, which is very reasonably priced at just £7.99 for 12, and available from Amazon, Asda, Toys R Us and Toymaster.

Love, Laurel


Harry’s Kingdom of You

A bedtime story, like most toddlers, is crucial to Harry winding down before going to sleep. Recently however, I have noticed him becoming a bit tired of some of his books, or some of them becoming too ‘babyish’ for him. At 2 years 4 months, he can really grasp a story and his imagination is amazing. We were sent a lovely personalised book, ‘Kingdom of You‘ by Wonderbly, and I knew as soon as I received it, Harry would love it for years to come.

Kingdom of You personalised book

We are expecting baby number two, a little girl, in January, so there are lots of changes ahead for our little Harry. I feel like it’s so important right now to use this time to make Harry feel so special whilst also preparing him for becoming a big brother!

Kingdom of You is a beautifully illustrated, extensively personalised book for toddlers aged 2 – 5. It centres around a main character, i.e. your little one, who is fed up of tidying his/her bedroom and is more interested in fun and adventure. Suddenly the ‘laundry genie’ appears from his washing basket and grants Harry 3 wishes. He wishes to be King Harry with his very own kingdom!

Kingdom of You personalised book

I was able to choose two of Harry’s favourite things to base the story on; dinosaurs and ice cream. The illustration is absolutely beautiful and so detailed and personalised. Harry’s name appears continually throughout the book, and the little character I chose has blonde hair just like him. He loved the story and was fascinated by all of the pictures and the fact the book was all about him!

The quality of the book is excellent and the ordering process was very quick and easy and arrived within a week. This book would make a beautiful gift and is a perfect way to make your little boy or girl feel special and involve them in a magical story that will capture their imagination.  You get to see a preview of each page as you place your order and can write a dedication at the end.

I would thoroughly recommend this book as a lovely gift for toddlers. Thank you so much Wonderbly for sending Harry this book and making him feel special!

Love, Laurel

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