This post is very, very late. I am already 37 weeks pregnant with baby number two! We are expecting a little girl in early January and cannot wait to meet her to ‘complete’ our family. Truthfully, the reason I haven’t posted about this pregnancy is because I have been permanently exhausted! Being pregnant with baby number two is quite a different experience than with number one!

baby number two

Don’t get me wrong, we are so happy to be having another baby, and the fact she is a girl is so lovely. We would have been just as happy with another little boy, but having a daughter will be amazing and is something I’ve always wanted. We feel so lucky that we will have ‘one of each’! Although I do feel so programmed for boys, I almost can’t imagine having a girl yet!

This pregnancy has gone smoothly with no health¬† issues (fingers crossed) and I am so grateful for that. In saying that, I have found it all¬†quite tough! My morning sickness lasted from week 7 to week 23, which was pretty awful! I’ve had all the usual symptoms on top of that, but thankfully nothing of concern.

I suppose the biggest difference this time around has been the fact that ‘it’s not all about me’ anymore! Having a toddler to look after can be tough going at times, but when you are pregnant, it’s exhausting. Harry is such a great little boy and I am happiest when spending time with him, even when I feel tired and cumbersome. However, squeezing in everything else that goes with being a working mum means you literally have nothing left at the end of the day! That is probably what I have found hardest. There is a certain level of expectation to ‘carry on as normal’, as you have been pregnant before and can handle it but I think this is what makes it so challenging.

Anyway, enough moaning! I feel so fortunate that all is well with baby girl and I am praying it stays that way. I have just started my Maternity Leave and I am hoping I love it just as much as I did the last time.

I am on the home stretch now and am so excited to meet our daughter and take on the challenge of being a mum of two!

Love, Laurel