Harry’s First Panto!

Yesterday we were kindly invited to see the ‘Gingerbread Mix Up’ at the Lyric Theatre, Belfast. Not a full blown pantomime, just a great family show and perfect for the Christmas holidays.

gingerbread mix up lyric theatre belfast

At 20 months old, I wasn’t sure how Harry would do, but he shocked us by absolutely loving it. He sat completely still, enthralled by it all for the entire first half. An ice cream during the interval may have contributed to his slight hyperactivity during the second half, but all in all he loved it and I wouldn’t hesitate to bring him back to something like this in future.

gingerbread mix up lyric theatre belfast

The Gingerbread Mix Up, written by Martin Murphy and directed by Richard Croxford, is a funny, quick witted family show with excellent stage design, catchy songs and plenty of audience interaction.

“Meet Primrose: apple of her Dad’s eye, bane of her Mum’s life, all-round little monster. Cast out in the forest with only her Nintendo for company, Primrose meets Pardon – cool cat turned witch’s assistant, with a promising sideline in Big Bad Wolf impersonations.  Can Pardon save Primrose from the evil old witch’s cooking pot?  Will the witch find out who’s been eating her gingerbread house?  Will Primrose ever finish level 4 of Bandor, Master of Neverworld?”
I am ashamed to say this was my first time at the Lyric and I was extremely impressed with everything about it. The theatre was almost full, but everything was very stress free, well organised and spacious with no queues and very friendly staff. My husband enjoyed the fact they sold beer, and the theatre itself, as well as the setting, is beautiful.
The Gingerbread Mix Up is a perfect family show for children of all ages and I would highly recommend it. It runs until Saturday 7th January so there’s still time to check it out! Adults £18/Kids £12.50.

Love, Laurel

Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers!

I feel so rushed this year for Christmas! It’s just go, go, go all the time, and I’ve been squeezing in Christmas shopping here and there. One person I love buying for though, is Harry. At almost 20 months old, he’s at the age where he’s into all the fun toys and I’ve really enjoyed thinking about what he will love for this first ‘proper’ Christmas.

These are just a few of the things I think Harry will love this Christmas:

V Tech Toot Toot Parking Tower

For his first birthday, we got him the Toot Toot Drivers Garage, and eight months later he is still loving it so much. However, it doesn’t have many ramps for the cars to shoot up and down, which is why this Parking Tower is an ideal addition to the garage. It sings songs, has a huge spiral track and sliding ramp, 6  interactive Smart Point locations for the Toot Toot vehicles and is attachable to his current garage.  Pretty confident this toy will be a hit with Harry!

Cath Kidston Melamine Beaker Plate Mug

Harry can feed himself pretty well now. He enjoys the independence of it all, and copying what we do. So I thought he would enjoy having his own ‘big boy’ Plate,  Mug,  and Cup  from Cath Kidston. This ‘Cowboy’ range is so cute and I know how hard wearing this little set will be.

Baroo Urban Fox Cot Bed Duvet Set Kiddies Kingdom

Not the most traditional of Christmas presents but Harry recently got a duvet and pillow for his cot. He’s loving snuggling into the pillow and chatting to the dinosaurs on his current duvet cover. He will love the little foxes on this Urban Fox set from Kiddies Kingdom. 100% cotton and really soft, it will go perfectly with his blue bedroom.

Intergalactic Journey Home Personalised Book Lost My Name

Intergalactic Journey Home Personalised Book Lost My Name

This personalised book from Lost My Name  absolutely beautiful. Excellent quality and completely personalized with Harry’s name throughout, with his address and satellite images of his home city towards the end! He might be slightly on the young side for this book, but he has recently started saying his own name and is gaining a real sense of self at the moment. I know he will love this book for years to come and be so excited when he realises it is all about him!

Chad Valley Doctors Set

Harry  has had his fair share of trips to the doctors in his time. He has to take inhalers and the usual cold medicines and he is NOT the easiest patient sometimes! We thought this little doctors set might help him overcome his fear of the doctors and reluctance to take his medicine! He loves any sort of role play toy, so this should hopefully interest him and help his understanding.

Christmas Itty Bittys from Hallmark

These soft, cuddly bean bag toys are perfect stocking fillers and the Santa and Rudolph editions will make lovely little Christmas decorations for Harry. He is just starting to understand what Christmas is all about and these will help him as he works it all out.

I hope you and your little ones have a great Christmas!

Love, Laurel

Review: A new bedtime story for Harry – The Weatherbies!

A key part of Harry’s bedtime routine are his books. He likes to read 2 or 3 of them, twice!  He loves books with flaps and textures, bright colours and rhyming stories. We were recently asked to review a new childrens’s book – The Weatherbies!

bedtime story
The Weatherbies series was created by Maghera based mum and childminder Yvonne Fleming. The first book in the series is based on ‘Sammy Sun’ – just one of Yvonne’s ‘weather based’ characters. Yvonne developed the books and characters whilst telling her own sons bedtime stories. She illustrated the characters herself after creating them from simple doodles as she played with her children. From here, Sammy Sun, Colin Cloud, Flo Snow, Harry Hail and six more characters were born. Yvonne plans to release a collection of 12 books based on the adventures of each character.

weatherbies yvonne fleming

When our copy of the book arrived, Harry was immediately drawn to it. It is extremely bright and easy for him to hold. The story is happy and positive and most importantly, it rhymes! The book is now safely added to our collection and will be chosen by Harry regularly I’m sure. I also have one to give away. If you think your 2-5 year old would fancy a read, tag me on Twitter @laurelloves85 and use the hashtag #weatherbies.
The book is aimed toward 2-5 year olds, and the series is currently in the early stages of television production. You can also buy a copy, here.

bedtime book toddler

Love, Laurel

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